Empowered Breakthrough

In the 5 Empowering Breakthrough sessions we will discover and unfold what is your Soul’s Purpose. 

This is for you if you are unsure what exactly is your soul’s purpose. 

 We will access what your soul’s blueprint is and connect to your Higher Self to explore your true potential and access the opportunities and possibilities that are available to you.

In the sessions you will be guided through meditation, journal prompts, and empowering questions to unlock what it is that you truly desire. We will bounce ideas and you will gain clarity on what the next steps to take on your life’s purpose.

You’ll leave the session empowered, motivated and focused on your new path discovering what is your true calling.

What is included:

5 x 50 minute Coaching session via  Zoom.

Empowered Mentorship

In the 3 Month Empowered Mentorship, as well as diving deep and unfolding what is holding you back we lock in new empowering beliefs and habits to create the ultimate vision that your soul and higher self is eager for you to get started in doing.

This is for you when you know what your soul’s purpose is but you have blind spots that are holding you back from stepping into your true potential with confidence.

We will uncover limiting beliefs, stories and blocks that are stopping you in your tracks.

Each session is unique to you. It is tailored to what the challenges you are faced.

EFT tapping, Reiki, Shadow work, meditation and coaching are the many tools that can used in your sessions together.

You also will have access to the Radiate Confidence program to do alongside working together,

You’ll leave the session empowered, motivated and focused with an inspired action plan for success.

What is included: 

12 x 50 minute Coaching session via Zoom.

Access to Radiate Confidence program

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