It can be daunting when you start something new. It can feel a stretch from what is comfortable which is also know as your comfort zone. Your mind seeks comfort in what its know. It likes certainty.  As humans we also seek variety and possibilities of desiring more. It takes making steps that can feel wonky at first.


I remember when I discovered what my soul’s purpose was back in 2015 and I remember thinking what now. It was all new territory and daunting to say the least.


Like my friend says, is finding your sea legs when you hop onto a boat. It feels wobbly but over time you will feel more balanced. I love this analogy. I then seeked out people who were like minded and havw similar missions. People in the same boat as me and other who were a few steps ahead. It felt good to be among people and also share what it is I do. It makes such a difference to have people around you that are supportive of your dreams and desire.


Where are you willing to make that first step towards what you desire to do in life and in your work?


Sometimes it can overwhelm when you look at it as a whole and it stops you in your tracks to taking any action because the discomfort is too uncomfortable to face.

So what can you do you ask?


  1. Look at your goals and intentions. Looking at a photograph, painting, object you have around you to focus in on to help you transition from what you did to now.
  2. Setup yourself up for success when you start to do something. Get everything ready so you don’t have to step away.
  3. Get in the zone by having or doing something in that save to ground you. This could be some deep breathes, grounding yourself before starting.

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