Do you feel like an imposter and feel like a fraud when it comes to your life purpose? Are you stuck moving forward with your passions and purpose?


This is the result of the imposter syndrome downward swirl that can lead you down a slippery path of not showing up that you love to do and have been called to do.


You may have or not heard about Imposter Syndrome. Oxford dictionary says it’s “the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.”


Believe it or not but it happens to most people. Even famous people who have been in the industry for years like Meryl Streep, who quoted saying; “You think, ‘Why would anyone want to see me again in a movie? And I don’t know how to act anyway, so why am I doing this?’ “


To think the amount of films she’s been in and to think she has still shown up and been awarded so many awards.


It is debilitating for sure. It certainly can stop you in your tracks and hold you in a place of despair that takes you down a loop where there are no answers.


As the questions keep repeating and the disbelief and uncertainty goes crazy out of control.


I have known it to stop people from creating and showing up fully and believing in themselves.


It can paralyze from moving forward in any area of their life.


So what can you do to support yourself on this roller-coaster of a ride:


Be compassionate with yourself. You probably speak kinder to your best friend than yourself.


Give yourself a break and see you are trying your best no matter the outcome. But how you ask?


By being aware that you have that inner voice that is running dialogue to start. Ask it to stop. You may have to do that a few times.


Acknowledge that these thoughts aren’t necessarily real. They are more fears and doubts.


 Even though they aren’t something that goes away it is something that doesn’t need to have full control over what you do, feel or think.


We can do this by imagining that fear and doubts are driving the bus (your mind). You are the bus and you have given that part of you not front row seats but the drivers seat to where you are heading.


Know that fear and doubts don’t go but they can be quietened and have a place on the bus. Really needs to at the back of the bus.


You probably wondering that’s easily said than done. I have got your back and have some resources that I help clients and have helped me too for you:


1. Firstly you can go and listen to the grounding meditation. This grounding meditation really can help with getting you out of your head and into your body.


 We live in our heads a lot and when fear comes up even more so. Its a beautiful meditation that can help you go from head to heart in minutes.


This is the first step to calming the nervous system and also allowing yourself to be open to possibilities.


2. Then following from that using EFT tapping which you have probably heard or even experienced through seeing my content and tapping on quietening that inner critic. You can check that all out here.

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